My first Vlog!

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I just uploaded my first ever vlog. Which is a teeny bit terrifying.

Vlogging is the video version of a blog. It captures day-to-day aspects of a life. The style has become particularly popular on YouTube, a platform that I have been wanting to post content to for years. Why now? It just felt like the right time. I woke up one day, picked up a camera and decided to film everything.

From just one day I’ve already learnt a lot, a summery of which you will find at the very end of the vlog. Since finishing the edit, my nerves have gotten to me slightly and I feel myself leaning towards regretting the music and the length. 17 minutes is pretty long for a vlog, however I’ve enjoyed many of this length and longer in the past.

Really, I shouldn’t have any regrets because it’s the first one! It’s all about experimenting and working out what works for me and finding out what others think. Maybe 17 minutes will put some people off, but those that do watch the whole things and stay for more will be truly interested in my content. The length has also allowed me to cover a wide range of content and styles – which I’d love people to look at and comment on so I know which bits they preferred! If any.

I’m really quite excited to shoot more, and I’m so proud of myself for taking the plunge and just doing it!

So without further ado here is the vlog in question. Subscirbe to the channel if you’d like to see more!



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